Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fun times with the Boyers!

Oh what a great weekend it's been! We had the pleasure of spending it with Philip, Jocelyn, and sweet little Levi Boyer. They came all the way from Fort Worth to stay with us and to watch some Red Raider Football! Our semi-annual Boyer/Fellers weekend just happened to fall on Halloween this time as well, which was so much fun with the babies. Here's Mollie dressed as a Giraffe! (She also had a Penguin costume from cousin Maddox, but unfortunately it was too warm outside for that one).

Oh how we love ourselves some Red Raider Football. It was a beautiful afternoon at the Jones and we all had a great time watching the game together!

I think "Tailgate Trick-or-Treating" should be the new way to do Halloween...more fun for the parents :o) Levi was super cute as a little Pea Pod (or edamame hehehe)! It just made me want to squeeze him even more...

I hope these little ones grow up to be great friends! Mollie sure thought little Levi was pretty cool and loved having another baby to look at and talk to. Not sure if he was too interested in her yet, though :o)

I really could care less about Halloween, but when it's spent with good friends, good football, and cute babies, it can't get much better! We had a wonderful time with the Boyers and look forward to more fun times together! Cow Town Marathon here we come!!!!

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