Saturday, March 10, 2012

We're having a baby....

...and it's a BOY! That's right; it's time for long-overdue blog update about our newest addition to our little familiy. Baby Boy Fellers will be joining us in early July (the 8th is the official date) and we couldn't be more thrilled!! Since I'm well into this pregnancy, here's a little synopsis of our adventure so far...
Baby Boy Fellers

- We found out about our little bundle of joy in November, just in time to celebrate Thanksgiving!
Big Sister Mollie!

- Exhaustion was one of the first indicators I was pregnant...I had some very early nights (and still do sometimes!) there at first, but it seems to have dissipated a bit.
- I didn't really have morning sickness, but definitely felt MUCH better with food on my belly. I went from feeling fine to having to eat RIGHT NOW in a moments notice, so almonds and Greek yogurt became my best friend at school to get me through the day.
Our sweet little guy!
- Since I had Gestational Diabetes when I was pregnant with Mollie, they tested me pretty early this time around (about 17 weeks). And guess what?? I have it again!!!! I have been able to successfully manage it with diet and exercise, until this past week. My blood sugar levels started going a bit crazy and I had to be put on a medication that helps my pancreas produce the right amount of insulin. So, I'm currently in the process of adjusting my diet to balance out the meds...what a ride. I think it'll end up working perfectly if I can just figure out the right things to eat, and when to eat them, before my blood sugar drops and I pass out :o) Lets hope that doesn't happen!!
- Jason is THRILLED about having another male in the house...Mollie still needs a little bit of convincing. She said she wanted a "girl brother". We keep asking her for some name suggestions, and here's what she's shared with us so far: Jo, Cupcake, Chicken Fried Steak, Boy Tinkerbell, and Mollie. All great options, don't you think? :o)
Yes, that is the very clear evidence that this child is a boy :o)
- No, this little guy doesn't have an official name yet. We keep coming close, but haven't found "the one" quite yet. However, we are open for some suggestions...send all the good ones our way!
Sucking his thumb...we've been seeing him do this during the sonograms since 12 weeks! God's creation is amazing!

We are super duper excited about becoming a family of four! Mollie is going to be a great big sister and this little guy will fit right in to our family. Also, this little guy will be coming into the world just a couple of weeks before his baby cousin, Harper, makes her appearance!! We're super excited to be bringing cousins into the world so close together! I love watching our families grow!
Silly Goose!