Saturday, September 8, 2012

...two months later...

Well, I blinked and two months have passed! Wowzer! I know Henley has only been with us for a short time, but it's hard to imagine life without him already. He's a perfect little addition to our family and we're just thrilled he's here to stay! Here's what's been happening in the last 2 months...
I took Henley to his 2 month checkup last week and he was 10.5 lbs (25%) and 22 in long (37%). This is actually about the same percentile Mollie was in as an infant...Henley's just a bit taller (if you call that tall! haha). His doctor was pleased with his growth, now that we've got his reflux under control. At a few weeks old, his growth rate declined a bit, along with the excessive spitting up and pain that goes along with reflux, so he was put on meds for it. It's stopped the pain, but unfortunately it does nothing for the spitting up. Hopefully he'll grow out of it sooner than Mollie did (she was over a year old). But in the meantime, we just do a whole lot of laundry :o).
Playing on his playmat! The burp rag underneath him is a must at all times!
Henley and Mollie both started school a few weeks ago! It was not fun sending Henley to school...for me, that is. He just snoozed away and was content as can be! Mollie was THRILLED to see her friends again, so it really made me happy to see her so enthused. I just missed my littles :o( However, it's been easier knowing that they are loved at their school and are very well taken care of. The ladies that love on Henley all day just adore him and he doesn't seem to mind! I'm currently sending breast milk with him each day, and pump at school. It's a bit of a pain, yet convenient, if that makes sense. I'd like to keep it up as long as I can because I just know that's why Mollie's been so healthy thus far. And I don't mind burning the extra calories for now :o) He does take formula on occasion, however, without any problem.
First day of school! Boy does Henley love to be squeezed by a 3 year old :o)
Due to his reflux, Henley sleeps best when he's elevated in his infant seat. That way, when he spits up in the middle of the night, he won't choke on it. It just oozes down his face and gets everything else wet and stinky :o). However, he has started sleeping all night long on a regular basis!!!!! I love this!!! I'm a very tired teacher/momma who needs her sleep, and he's a growing boy who needs his rest. It's amazing what a difference a well rested baby makes. He's a happy dude pretty much all day, and wakes up bright eyed and smiling. We followed the suggestions from Babywise (with Mollie too) and it worked like a charm.
sweet little sleeper

Henley has started doing lots of cooing and smiling! He seems to smile most at his daddy, especially when he sings to him. They had a "moment" the other day when Jason was singing "Georgia On My Mind" to him, he just cooed/ sang along and smiled! So sweet! Some of his other likes include: being swaddled for naps/bed, playing on his play mat, being outside, warm baths, and lots of snuggles!

Sporting some of his daddy's old running shoes and hat!
lots of love from big sis!
He's still sporting his red hair, his eyes are getting lighter and look like they'll stay blue, and he's getting chubbier little legs and a double chin. I think he's the cutest thing ever. I can't wait to see how he'll continue to grow and change. We're super blessed to have two super kids!!
Love this kid!