Monday, November 30, 2009

26 Days of Thankfulness...days 25, 26

The last two days of my thankfulness posts are a little late, but that's because I've had a wonderful, relaxing 5 days without worrying too much about email, phone, blogs... It was nice.

1. I'm thankful for the opportunity to get out of town! We spent Thanksgiving with my parents in Shamrock, TX. Even though Shamrock is only about 3 hours away, it's still away; far enough to be considered "out of town", but not too far. We had a blast being out in the country where it's quiet and you can see ALL the stars, enjoying all of mom's home cooking, and just being with family. It truly was a retreat. Mollie absolutely LOVED the time with the grandparents and I'm so glad she got to spend so much time with them this weekend!

2. I'm thankful for my family! Over the years I've become aware of exactly how important family is, and who I actually consider my family. Just because you're related doesn't make you "family", and just because you're not related doesn't mean you're not family! After considering all of that, I'm very thankful for my family. I've truly been blessed. I was reminded just how much my family ROCKS this weekend! Also, I can't tell you how blessed I am to have great in-laws. I married into a family that made me feel welcome, like one of their own, from the very start. I'd go into details on just how much I love all of them and why they are so awesome, but I'll save the sappiness for another day. Just take my word for it! I'm excited about raising a family of my own because we're a part of a good one.

Back to Thanksgiving...we had a weekend full of fun including: Lots of great food! We ate a lot, and often, and I'm now trying to convince my stomach that it doesn't need that much food every day.

The boys recovering from Thanksgiving dinner with a football game

Lots of hanging out and visiting! We got to do lots of sitting around and talking, watching football, and playing with Mollie.

Helping with laundry

Being silly with Uncle Kyler!

Bread dough ornaments!! We brought back the tradition and made ornaments till our backs ached and our fingers were covered in paint.
Celebrated birthdays! That's right, Momma Shelly celebrated 51 years on Friday!!! Wahooo! We love our Momma Shelly :o)

The birthday girl in her new sweater!

Shot a deer! Yep, Jason and Kyler woke up early every day to do some hunting and Jason finally got one after Kyler went home. Sorry brother :o( But Jason was sure excited to take down his first deer! He and Dad field dressed it and took it to be processed, so here in a few weeks come on over and enjoy some deer jerky!

The great and mighty hunter!

That's what Thanksgiving looks like in the Fellers' Family!

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The Boyers said...

looks like a fantastic thanksgiving! Philip still has fond memories of his thanksgiving with you guys in 05 while I was working :) Tell jason congrats on his deer...I will make sure and show philip the pic, i'm sure he will be happy and impressed!