Wednesday, November 18, 2009

26 Days of Thankfulness...days 16, 17, 18

Today I'm thankful for...

1. Our lovely little neighborhood: I've absolutely loved all the walks and runs we've been going on lately. On our little trail through the neighborhood, we get to see lots of animals including donkeys, emus, mini horses, and big horses, lots of other babies in strollers with their mommies, lots of runners, people walking their dogs, and if we're lucky one of the several friends we have that live over's just a friendly, active neighborhood.

2. Comedy on TV: With all the scary, serious things happening around the world, sometimes it's just nice to escape from that and have a little laugh. I'm not sure what I'd do with out my nightly dose of Jay Leno, Conan Obrian, Chelsea Lately, or my new favorite The Soup!! And of course The Office...Jason wouldn't let me forget that one :o) It's good to end the day with a laugh.

3. Mollie's "Happy Noises": This includes laughing, squealing, making that sucking-in-frog-like noise, babbling, and screaming. Yep, screaming is her new favorite way to communicate, or just to entertain herself. We're talking high-pitch, piercing, blood-curdling screams. We have no idea how to teach her the difference between quiet and loud at this age, but will keep trying. Any of you have any suggestions? Until we figure it out, just know we're not torturing our child even though it sounds like it!

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