Thursday, May 28, 2009

Growing up so fast

Here's an update over the last month or so! 

Mollie is getting more and more awesome every day. Her sweet personality is starting to come out as she becomes more vocal, works on her fine motor skills, and is more observant of her surroundings. She talks, coos, and wiggles with excitement! I think our favorite thing right now is how when we go in her room to get her out of bed in the morning (after about 10 hours of sleep!!! Thats right, she's sleeping through the night!!!) she gives us the biggest smile and squeels with excitement to see her mommy and daddy! Then she snuggles up with ya after breakfast, because she sure does like to snuggle in the mornings. 
Sleeping in her big girl bed! 

Her favorite toy right now is her play mat with some colorful animals dangling over it. She lays there and talks and talks to her "friends" and occasionally grabs them, which gets her all kinds of excited! She also LOVES to read books. She'll sit and listen to several books at a time and enjoys looking at the pictures. I hope this love of books continues! 
Mollie playing with her animals and reading with Momma Shelly

She's recently figured out that she really likes sitting up (and spitting up...hehe)! She can't do it on her own yet, of course, but since she's getting better at controlling that melon of hers, she's realized she can see so many new things when she's not just staring at the ceiling. We've been practicing in the Bumbo chair and she loves it. Maybe she'll be doing it on her own pretty soon.
Chillin in the Bumbo chair!

Back to the spitting up...she's still going strong! I keep thinking it'll subside, but no luck so far. So, we manage by ALWAYS having several bibs and burp rags on hand, even a change of clothes. Sometimes that's even necessary for those of us anywhere in her vicinity...projectile vomiting is her best skill yet! I'm not sure what to do about it...she's on medication for reflux already, but that doesn't stop the reflux, it just keeps it from burning. I've considered trying to remove dairy from my diet, but that's harder than I thought. We'll see....we go to the doctor again in a few weeks for a 4 month check up and we'll see what Dr. Scott has to say! 

Mollie and her puke :o) 

We enjoyed our first Mothers Day! Oh how blessed I am to be a mommy...I have the most wonderful kid and the most wonderful husband (who's an awesome daddy)! They surprised me with a gift certificate to get a massage (wahoooo!) and some flowers to plant. So much fun! The week before, we met up with Grammie, Aunt Lacye, Cousin Maddox, and Aunt Cici and decorated flower pots with the kids hand prints and foot prints. They're so cute! Then we took a road trip so Shamrock to hang with the Livingston's. We sure are blessed with awesome moms :o)  
Mollie and Mommy snuggling on mothers day

We recently had the opportunity to have the wonderful Kendall Price take some photos of us and Miss. Mollie! She did a wonderful job and we're now having the challenge of deciding which prints to order...yikes! They're all good!! Here are a few samples and a link to the awesome slide show she put together for us. Yay for our first family pictures!!!

Finally, it's recently become evident that Mollie looks like her Mommy! For a long time I only saw Jason in her...but I found a baby picture of me and I think she looks a lot like me after all. What do you think?