Tuesday, November 24, 2009

26 Days of Thankfulness...days 23, 24

Today I'm thankful for West Texas!
I've grown up here, still live here, and it doesn't look like we're leaving any time soon. As much as I've wanted to move away at times, there's just no place like home. It's just a great place to live. Beautiful sunrises/sunsets, mild weather (mostly), not too many natural disasters (except for tornadoes which I find fascinating!!), and a somewhat small-town feel. Although I truly grew up in a small town (good 'ol Wilson, TX!), Lubbock isn't so big and uninviting that I couldn't make it feel like home, but it has all the modern conveniences that a bigger city should (except for some specific stores that I've love to have nearby...pottery barn...) It definitely has the best of both worlds.

However, I've come to realize that no matter where I live, as long as I have my Mollie and my Jason, I'm home. :o)

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Hollie said...

I've enjoyed so much reading about all the wonderful things you are grateful for this month! And I certainly second every sentiment in this post...there's nothing better than west Texas in the Fall, growing up in Small Town, USA, and dreams of Pottery Barn setting up shop in the Hub City :) Happy Thanksgiving from one thankful heart to another~