Monday, February 13, 2012

Mollie is 3!!!!

We've had the blessing of being parents for 3 years now!! Our sweet Mollie Moo turned three on Friday, February 10. Even though she's officially only three, she acts more like 13 :o) This kid thinks she's SO big, is showing a little bit of attitude to go with it, and can even really do some big kid things! 

We got to celebrate on Saturday with some family and friends. This girl sure is blessed and has lots of people that love her! We had a "breakfast pajama party" (a few of Mollie's favorite things). Even though the party didn't happen till the afternoon, it was still fun! We had pancakes, a cereal bar, milk and juice, Gigi's famous cookies, and sausage/cheese balls. Then, Uncle Kyler made the day super fun with a huge bunch of balloons!
Learning from the best! Mollie loved her visit from Grandma Anna and G-Bob!
Some of the things Mollie Michelle is up to these days:
- being really excited about being a BIG SISTER, and has big plans for her little sibling. These plans include sharing her fruit snacks, teaching the baby to go potty, and pushing the baby in the kid-sized grocery cart at United and buying him/her Cheetos. ( I just realized I haven't posted about the new baby that will be coming soon!)
The birthday table! All Pinterest inspired :o)
- LOVING her new dance/tumbling class! She's taken tumbling since last summer, but is finally old enough to do the combo class. She is giddy when we arrive each week, and really participates (most of the time!) At other times, she's way too infatuated with her tap shoes and tutu to pay any attention to what's going on! She even has a RECITAL coming up in May! Can't believe she's old enough to have a recital...
Cereal bar, some cute printables that I'll hang in her big girl room, and the "pancake birthday cake"!
-  She recently moved up to the Pre-K class at her school! She enjoys this class so much and asks me every day if she can still be in the Pre-K class. She got to move up a little early, yet fits right in. Although she's younger than the rest, she's quite a smarty pants! 
Mollie quickly got into her dress-up clothes despite her being so excited about the "pajama party!" Who can argue with the birthday girl?!
- Still love to read! This girl will sit and read books all day. She got SO MANY new books for her birthday, and has had a blast looking through them, making up the words, having us read to her, etc. I must admit I'm getting a little weary of reading some of those stories to her (we have a little different interest level!!) but it makes me so happy she enjoys it that we persevere :o)  Although, one book we all enjoy reading is the "Jesus Storybook Bible"! If you don't have it, you must get it. The most well-written, best illustrated bible stories I've seen! 
Mollie and her friends Laney and Olivia! All friends since birth! And it's really hard to get a shot of 3 toddlers all smiling at the camera :o)
- Mollie has also taken an interest in knowing her letters and sounds. She can identify all the letters, name most of the sounds, and even pick them out in words. As a teacher of phonics, this makes me happy :o)
Making it official- blowing out the candles!
We are so proud of Mollie, blessed to be her parents, and are excited to see her grow! We love you Mollie Moo!

Some post-party fun with Uncle Kyler! What a fun day!