Wednesday, November 11, 2009

26 Days of 11

Today we're thankful for Veterans
By Jason Fellers

This is the first time that I have ever "blogged" before but felt that I should today. I truly can't begin to express the gratitude for our men and women who serve in the armed forces. They truly have made America what it is today, and I hope that all who are currently serving or have served can have a day in the year to know how grateful we are for them. The sacrifice that they have chosen to make is very humbling to me and I often forget just how much they have truly given up to serve this country. I find myself frustrated throughout the course of my day for the petty little "things" that make me irritated and yet there are soldiers in way rougher conditions than me who do their job and don't complain. I truly have no reason to be complaining. I think of the soldiers in current and past wars who experienced hardship and grief that is beyond explanation and I can only say Thank You. Thank you all who serve or who have served to make this country a safer place. Thank you that I can live in a country where I can raise a family and worship God without persecution. Thank you for fighting for the rights of the oppressed in different lands so that they may be able to experience true freedom. You are appreciated more than you know and I pray that you will be safe and continue to serve with such amazing dedication. Happy Veterans Day to all of you and God Bless.

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