Monday, November 9, 2009

26 Days of 10

Today I am thankful for 9 months of being a mommy!

That's right, Little Mollie Michelle is 9 months old today. She's getting to be such a big girl and doing so many new things! I am very thankful to have a happy and healthy baby girl. She has her 9 month check up at the doctor's office sometime this week, so I'll have official stats for her later, but in the meantime here's 9 things Mollie's up to this month!

1. Teeth: Yep, two tiny crooked little teeth have finally come through. Friday evening she was having such a rough time with the teething pain; I felt so bad for her! So after a frozen banana and lots of distraction, we laid her down for a good night's sleep and she woke up with two little teeth that finally broke through her gums. I think she's experiencing some relief now, but I know that's just the beginning. 2 down...lots more to go!!! (How many teeth does one typically have, anyway!?!)
Frozen bananas feel really good on sore gums!

Look really closely and you can see her two front teeth about to break through...
I'll take more pics of her "official" teeth later

2. Pre-crawling: She's not quite figured out how to crawl, but she's close. She can now scoot backwards when she's on her tummy and turn around sideways. She can even get her little legs going, but just can't quite coordinate things with her arms. She'll be there soon enough and I'll be wishing she was no longer mobile...I sure do like being able to just sit her down and not worry what she's getting into!

3. Eating: Mollie is just a good eater. As we continue to add new foods, she's yet to find something she just really doesn't like. She's now to the point where she'll eat (at dinner for example) a serving of cereal, vegetables, and fruit after she nurses! So she's obviously growing as well, or is planning to grow soon!

4. Fine motor skills: Each day it seems like she's mastered something else using her little hands. She's recently discovered our eyelashes! She'll get her little finger and very gently move her finger back and forth over them (usually with out poking your eye, but I'd keep them closed just in case!) Also, she's mastered getting her little Gerber Puffs into her mouth. She's really good at holding them between her finger and thumb, studying them, passing them to the other hand to study, then eventually into her mouth.

5. Sippy cup: I think she looks like such a big girl holding her sippy cup and drinking from it all by herself! She's finally using her cup for it's intended purpose, not just as something to chew on and throw off her highchair (which does still occur sometimes!).

6. Good kidney function :o) With all this extra liquid she's been drinking from her sippy cup, we're changing diapers like crazy! She's been soaking through her diapers at night and even sometimes during the day...this is making me look forward to potty training hehe!

7. Talking: She's a little chatter box! Always talking about something. She now says baba, dada, ooh, aah, uh-oh, and sometimes I think she says HI! It's kind of funny, but when I walk out of the room for a little while then walk back in, she seems to forget she just saw me, gets really excited and says HI and waves her arms excitedly. So cute!

8. Waves bye-bye: She does this more often now and most of the time with just one arm like you're supposed to. However, if she's really excited you get waved at with two arms :o)

9. Makes sweet little happy sounds: My favorite thing she does right now is make a funny sound when she's happy/excited about something. She kind of sucks in air and laughs at the same time? Not sure what it is but I think it's cute. I actually got it on video! Here she is being a happy girl:

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The Boyers said...

So cute! I can't believe it...she has already changed so much since we were there! can't wait to see what she can do when we see you next! I love the little noise she makes...sounds a little like a really cute frog :) And Yeah for teeth!