Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's a girl!

So as many of you have guessed, we found out today we're having a girl! Or at least they are almost 100% sure...they said sometimes things decide to show up a little later, but we're pretty certain that's what it is :o) We're so excited!! Jason has been having dreams over the past few months that we were having a girl, so I think that was God's way of getting him geared up to have a daughter. He's had a bit of a fear that he's going to be the only boy in a household full of women, so it was quite a sight to see him so excited today! Here's a picture of what they kind of have to use your imagination to determine what you're looking at. Or just take their word for it!

Not only are we excited to have a little girl, but it's exciting to know that this thing growing inside of me is actually a person! We saw her sweet little face, her wiggling around, and they measured all her body parts to make sure she is growing as she's supposed to be. It's nice to be able to start calling "it" a "she"; that seems to make her feel like more of a person and it even give us an opportunity to give her a name! Lil' Fell will now be referred to as Mollie Michelle...Jason has fallen in love with that name and even said that "it melts his heart".So Mollie it is! Here is a picture of her sweet little face...who do you think she looks like??

What's funny is that I sleep with my hand up like that, too!

Another reason we like the name Mollie is because it sounds good with Maddox! Cousin Maddox lives right down the street and I'm sure there will be lots of good times to come as the two of them grow up together. He'll only be 1 year old when she arrives but she'll have a lot of catching up to do in order to hang with him! I know she'll be looking forward to some time with her cousin :o)

So although little Mollie can look so sweet and innocent, she obviously has another side to her! Check out this picture...they were measuring her head to make sure everything was normal and here we have Scary Baby! She just needs some cross bones behind her and she'd have quite the halloween costume. Praise God for a well developed skull, but this one made us laugh :o)