Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day weekend fun!

Yay for September! 

We started the month off with an adventure to Shamrock (and Booker). We stayed in Shamrock, then ventured to the Booker High School Reunion (which is where my dad graduated from). Why would we go to someone else's high school reunion? When you are the entertainment, of course! 

Jason joined forces with the Texas Crossroads Band (dad is the drummer) to provide entertainment at the street dance as part of the reunion festivities. Dad was also drummer in the band "Airport 73" when he was in high school, and they had a reunion concert that night as well. Pretty cool! It was neat seeing the band that I've always heard so much about, and I think Jason had a fun time jamming with them. Go Dad! 

Poppa Kelly rockin' the drums

The unfortunate part about the weekend is that we missed the first game of the 2009 TTU Football season!!! However, we celebrated even though we couldn't be there to support our Red Raiders in person. Here's our little Red Raider....we're working on getting our guns up :o) 

Fight Raiders Fight! 

Wreck em Tech!

I want to be a Red Raider when I grow up! 

I wonder if the tailgating will go on with out me??

More adventures to up is to meet Mr. Levi Reese Boyer for the first time! Whew hooo! Can't wait!