Sunday, August 7, 2011

Malone Family Reunion, 2011

All of us that were able to make it this year!

Yes, I know it's been a few weeks, but I've been meaning to post about our Malone Family Reunion this year!

We met up with the whole clan in Tulsa, Oklahoma and rented a great big house for all 20-something of us to stay in for the week. It was great! It held us all comfortably, had a great pool in the back, a pond with fish in the front, a theater room upstairs, and a big playroom for the kids.

As far activities go, we checked out the Tulsa Aquarium, which was wonderful and entertained all the kiddos and adults alike.Cage diving for sharks!
Feeding the sting rays!
Other than that, we swam, and swam, and swam, and swam! It was SO NICE having our own pool the whole time. It was rediculously hot outside, but we hardly noticed because we were in the water through it all. Mollie made a lot of progress being brave in the water (thanks to her Aunt Lacye!) and really enjoyed all the pool time.
What every afternoon looked like :o) All the little ones! This should be in some ad for Puddlejumpers! These make great floaties, and are recommended by the coast guard.

The Fellers
One of my favorite parts of the trip is enjoying meals together. All our meals were cooked at the house and eaten while enjoying each others company. It was way more fun (and affordable!) than trying to get ALL of us to a restaurant. We sure do have some great cooks in the family!
Kendall, Mollie, and Maddox (with his "Captian America" goggles on!) Some of the crew in the gazebo after feeding the fish

I'd say this year's reunion was quite a success. Can't wait until next time!