Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Arrival of Henley Malone!

He's here! Our sweet boy is here! 
I need to get all the details written down before I forget, so here's how his big day unfolded. 

At my 37 week check-up (on a Thursday), I was told my body wasn't ready at all for delivery. No dilating or anything, although I had been having lots of contractions and was convinced something would be happening soon. I was really bummed because I was so uncomfortable and was just very ready to meet our sweet boy! Over the course of the next few days, we just tried to shift our focus on enjoying our time together before the baby came and went bowling with friends, saw "Brave" with Mollie, and went on lots of walks (or on adventures to Mermaid Island or the Seashell Bridge, if you ask Mollie!). Also, Henley's bedding finally arrived (ordered from Etsy...LOVE!) and I was able to complete his crib and a few other little things in his room. We had a great time and enjoyed the weekend as a family of 3!

The following Tuesday (June 26) I had my 38 week check up. I had prepared myself to hear the same thing (no baby yet), but was pleasantly surprised to hear the opposite! I had started dilating enough for my doctor to send me straight over to labor and delivery! I was soooo happy to hear that...I was just done being pregnant and felt like we'd all be better off if we could love Henley on the outside :o) I really had no idea I was that far along already...since my last appointment I was convinced all the contractions I had been having were just "practice",  so I kind of stopped paying attention and never realized when they switched over to the "real thing". 

Last pic of Henley on the inside!
So, we made it to the hospital, and Jason's mom met us up there to pick up Mollie. We got into a room at about 10:00am, got hooked up to everything, and began the waiting game. My contractions progressed on there own for a while, but then they decided to start petocin because they kind of tapered off. Once they did, things progressed very quickly! Before we knew it, it was time to push! Once that happened, I think it was only a few minutes before Henley made his debut. I'm not certain on the time frame, but it was really fast. Thankfully, my epidural worked well and the delivery was quick, so I was in great spirits when I was finally able to hold my sweet boy for the first time!
So happy that he's finally here!
He joined us at 3:21pm, with precious red hair! He was 6 pounds 15 ounces, and 19.5 inches long. He was a few ounces heavier than his big sis was at birth, but an inch shorter. Henley was able to start nursing almost immediately, and surprised us all with how "experienced" he was! haha! He latched on like an expert. Later that evening, it was evident he was spitting up a lot of mucus and stuff, so they had to take him to clean his stomach out. The nurse was surprised to see how much colostrum he already had in his belly! 3 times the normal amount! What a good eater! After that, the spitting up dissipated quite a bit.
Perfectly pink and squished :o)
Love that red hair!
Since we were both doing so well, we were able to go home the very next day. He's continued to do so well! On Friday, we went back for a weight check, and he had already made it back to his birth weight. Then at his 2 week check up, he was already 7 pounds 8 oz! With the exception of about 2 days (when the milk came in), he has been eating like a champ, sleeping like a champ (only wakes up once at night!!!!!) and is pretty much just happily pooping the rest of the time :o) 

My sweet family!
Mollie has handled this adjustment extremely well. She came up to the hospital to meet him, but was a bit overwhelmed by all the people there to see him. She reacted by acting VERY SILLY, but was obviously excited to meet him. Once we got home in her own element, she was much more herself and more focused on the baby. They had some very sweet moments those first few days! She's loved helping with diaper changes, giving him hugs, finding his paci, etc. Lots of hugs and kisses, too! I'm so proud of how she's handling things...I think her sweet spirit shines through when she's taking care of him and whispering kind things to him. What a great big sister she is!

Telling him all about everything :o)

Very proud sister!

This big sis got to help with the first bath!

Never-ending hugs

First time to meet his cousin Harper, born 3 days later!

She was being so sweet...gently patting him and quietly telling him sweet things!

I'm so in love with these two!
Overall, this experience has been wonderful. I feel much better than I did after Mollie's birth (I've always heard the second time is easier than the first!), we feel more confident as parents, and love having 2 sweet littles to love on all day! We are so blessed!