Sunday, July 17, 2011

Camp Livingston 2011

I'm pleased to announce that my Mollie Moo is HOME and Camp Livingston was a great success! This kid had a great time playing with Momma Shelly and Poppa Kelly and I'm pretty sure they had fun too. I'm so thankful she has such a good relationship with all her "grands" and that they play such a huge part in her life. I love it that she loves spending time with them, and I'm excited to see how much fun she has there as she gets older. Here are some of her grand adventures in Shamrock this past week...

Getting her golf on...and yes, she is wearing a tutu on the golf course :o)
She got to meet my Uncle Kyle for the first time! He's finally home from Virginia!
Lots of painting went on this week, which is one of Mollie's favorite activities!
Riding the 4-wheeler with Momma Shelly is fun, too!
Checking out the cows with Poppa Kelly
Never too early to learn to drive the tractor!
Popsicles on a hot afternoon
Checking on "Strawberry Shortcake", the cow named by Mollie.
Fell asleep reading to her Raggedy Ann!

Thanks, Mom and Dad, for taking such good care of our sweet girl!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

Oh what a happy day it is. Why, you ask? I've got several reasons to be celebrating today, but here are just a few...

- Today we celebrate 8 years of marriage! Wahoo! It's so crazy to think we've been married for 8 years (that sounds so OLD to me for some reason) but I couldn't imagine it any other way. I'm so blessed to be married to such a wonderful husband and raising a family with him. I look back on the past 8 years with no regrets, and only excitement for our future! Yay for my sweet boy! We celebrated this weekend with dinner at our favorite place in the LBK, Manna Bread and Wine, saw a funny movie, and enjoyed each others company :o)
- Today I am looking forward to seeing my sweet girl after a whole week of her being away at Camp Livingston! She's been having a BLAST with my parents participating in activities such as playing golf, riding the tractor and 4-Wheelers, feeding the cows, swimming, painting, running upstairs and downstairs and upstairs and downstairs, and wearing out her Momma Shelly and Poppa Kelly, I'm sure. She comes home tomorrow and I'm so excited I can hardly stand it! Many, many pictures to come in a future post.

- Today I've started my packing and grocery lists for vacation next week!!! It seems like we've hardly been out of town at all this year, so I'm thrilled to be going somewhere (anywhere!). We get to spend several days on a lake in Oklahoma with the whole Malone clan. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone, watching the kiddos play, and making some memories together.

- Today I'm working on plans to decorate my new classroom and get all of the *millions* of things together that I need to get it up and running before the kids start back in August! While it seems to be an overwhelming and daunting task, I'm SO excited about it and am giddy that I get to work with first graders. On that note...I'm looking for things for my classroom, so any of you readers out there happen to have any of the following items you'd like to donate or sell for cheap, let me know :o)

childrens books
legos, blocks, etc
art supplies
rocking chair, pillows, anything fun to read in or with
marbles, buttons, beads, anything that can be counted or sorted!
office supplies
stackable plastic drawers/ files
any other classroom friendly items you might think of :o)

- Today I get to spend the day hanging out with my sweet nephews, Maddox and Paxton! Their poor momma is sick and my house is way too quiet with out my Mollie Moo, so we found a solution to both of our problems. They have been wonderful today, have had fun exploring all of Mollie's "girly" toys, and are now napping peacefully! So thankful for these sweet boys to grow up with my girl.

These are just a few reason why I'm happy today! What makes YOU happy today?