Thursday, October 29, 2009

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

So I am a few weeks behind on posting, but I think this will catch us up.

A few weeks ago Jason headed to Montana for a hunting trip with his step-dad Paul and brother-in-law Brad. They loaded up the camper and drove all the way...24 hours straight through! Craziness if you ask me, but I think they enjoyed it. They hunted pheasant and grouse, and were even able to bring some home. Can't wait to enjoy them! Here are a few pictures that Paul took while they were in Montana:

Beautiful Montana

Paul, the great and mighty hunter!

Jason and Brad in the camper

So with all the guys gone for 8 days, that left us home with some awesome girl time! Our original plan was to head to the Dallas area to spend time with some family, do some shopping and visit the zoo, etc. However, that plan fell through so we made our own fun right here in Lubbock.

We started the week off with a Red Raider football game! I'm pretty sure it was the coldest game ever...but so much fun! We ended up with a win so I suppose it was worth the cold.

Next we went to see a movie. Lacye, Carol, and I went to see "Love Happens" (a movie we were sure our boys wouldn't see with us) while Mary Ann (Gigi) watched the babies. Then the next day we celebrated my birthday with pedicures, Pei Wei, and cupcakes!

Later in the week I enjoyed spending time with some friends, and then spent the weekend with my Momma! We enjoyed some birthday shopping and Mollie loved having her Momma Shelly around to play with. We were sad that Poppa Kelly wasn't able to come, but then it wouldn't have been a true "girls week" hehe!

We had a great time, and so did Jason, but I sure was happy to see my sweet boy come home. Mollie was, too! She cried when he came home...not because he scared her but because she was overwhelmed with happiness that her daddy was home. I am glad Jason had the opportunity to have such a neat experience, but I am glad that we only have to say goodbye for that long only once a year!

Waiting for Dadddy!

Next Adventure: Weekend with the Boyers!!! Whew hooo! Can't wait!

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