Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Henley Malone...

...is the chosen name for our sweet little guy who is VERY CLOSE to joining our family! I thought it was about time for a little pregnancy/blog update so what better topic to discuss than our growing boy!
trying to sleep, but we keep bothering him!

- We've had some weird looks/comments about the name, so I'll just explain. One day, I just saw the name Henley written as someone's first name. It totally jumped out at me, and I said it over and over again in my head. It just stuck with me for some reason. Also, Henley just happens to be the last name of Jason's favorite artist, Don Henley (lead singer of the Eagles for those of you who don't know). So, it just fits! He's not named after this famous singer, but that just happened to be a neat coincidence. It took Jason a little longer to be convinced, but the name grew on both of us and here we are! Also, Malone is the last name of Jason's mom's side of the family... family in which is very near and dear to us and we've wanted to incorporate that name into one of our children's names somehow! Henley Malone Fellers it is!!

making faces at us! haha
- Overall, Henley and I are in great health! I've had the complicating factor of having to deal with Gestational Diabetes again, which has been a bit more difficult to control this time. Thanks to an oral medication and a whole new world of recipes (thank you Pinterest!!!!), we're doing just fine. He's measuring a bit bigger than Mollie was, but still much smaller than average for most GD patients. Because of our bout with this irritating disease again, it's meant seeing my regular OB, an OB/Diabetes specialist,  two Non-Stress Tests each week, and a few extra sonograms. The scheduling of all these things have been interesting!!! Thank goodness school was over when it was or we were going to have to start taking class field trips to UMC :o) On the plus side, it's kept me from gaining unnecessary baby weight!

Just a few weeks ago...
Last week; me and one of the many pregnant friends I have at the moment! Sharing some baby bump love :o)
- Mollie is very excited about being a big sister. We've tried so hard to prepare her for his arrival, but I know there will still be some major adjusting to do, as with all of us. She's got big plans for what she wants to teach him, how she'll take care of him, what he's thinking or saying in my belly right now, and she's SO excited that he gets to go to her school with her in the fall! I think she thinks it'll be like show and tell...hahaha! She can suddenly "do things" that she couldn't do before because now she's a big sister...like big sisters eat all their dinner, big sisters are "brave of things", big sisters can put their shoes on all by themselves, etc. I'm absolutely thrilled about how helpful and sweet she is in general, and I think it's the perfect timing to have another one.

Who knew I was giving birth to a bowling ball!?
- As of today, I am 37 weeks, 2 days pregnant. This basically means he's done cooking and can come out of the oven at any time! I've been experiencing contractions every day and other signs that delivery is very near. In fact, I was certain last night was it...but the contractions stopped about the time I was about to call Labor & Delivery! So, I'm basically just waiting it out at this point. Overall, I've felt great the whole pregnancy! Lately, however, I'm very uncomfortable. He is "engaged" and in a good position for delivery, I've been told, which is great for delivery, but not for walking around and doing normal things! He's hitting some nerve that sends shooting pain down my leg and makes me want to fall over...not something that's discretely dealt with in the Target check out line :o) So, needless to say, I'm ready to get this show on the road. Ready to meet my sweet little guy. Ready to be settled. Ready to not have diabetes anymore (although we plan to continue the healthy eating!). Ready to not sweat like crazy all day (pregnant during summertime...lol). Ready to be a family of four!

If you look closely, his eyes are open and he's looking right at us! It's crazy what those 4D sonograms can show!

If Henley hasn't made his debut on his own, I will be induced the first week of July. I should find out an exact date this week. While I'm very curious to see what it's like to go into labor on my own (I was also induced with Mollie), they are doing this as a precaution for potential risks brought on by the diabetes. I'm ALL ABOUT doing what best for my baby, so if I can avoid some potentially scary things, then by golly I'm going to do it! Bring on the pitocin, and yes, the epidural :o)
My sweet friends from church threw us a shower, and the big sis got to help!