Sunday, June 12, 2011


Easter 2011 didn't start out quite as planned....first of all, we were looking forward to spending the Saturday before Easter with Mollie's sweet cousin, Paxton, to celebrate his 1st birthday! However, Mollie woke up that morning with a fever and did NOT feel good so we ended up at the clinic instead. Turns out she had a yucky case of Strep! That means she had to be quarantined for 24 hours or so, which meant we had to miss the party, and church on Easter Sunday! However, by the time lunch rolled around, she was feeling better and wasn't contagious anymore, so we headed to spend some time with the family. While it didn't start out as planned, we sure had a great day after all. Here's some pics of all the fun we had that day!

Our new tradition: Making Resurrection Rolls! When baked, they leave a delicious hollow "tomb". It's a great little project to introduce the Easter story to kids!

Fun times at Gigi and PaPa's house! Maddox, Paxton, and Mollie had a fun time hunting eggs and enjoying the lovely afternoon!

More fun times at Nanny and Pop Pop's house! We started with another egg hunt, which preceded family playground time! So fun!
On our way to the playground and lookin' good in our purple :o)

Slide races! Paxton and Brad in on the egg hunt!

Dinner isn't complete without the kids table!

My handsome husband and his lovely sister!

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