Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Recap!

So, as you may have guessed, this Spring has been a bit busy for us! I haven't blogged in forever because I just can't seem to find the time and there seems to just be so much going on! So I'm going to do my best to give a little update on our lives the past few months...

- We enjoyed some St. Patrick's Day festivities in Shamrock once again! This has grown to be such a fun tradition. This year they held a 5k race that we ran in (Mollie, Momma Shelly, and Grandma Anna did the 1mile walk) and we watched a parade, ate yummy "fair food", spent time with family and friends, went to a dance, and ate lots of good home cookin'! We had a blast and can't wait till next year! We also celebrated the day of the "green" by reading "Green Eggs and Ham" and eating green eggs, green grapes, green milk in a green cup!
Green eggs that Mollie helped make!
Mollie, Kaitlin (Kyler's lovely girlfriend), and her dog Paris!
Mollie and Mommy watching the parade in the drizzly rain!
A portion of "the gang" that came into town to celebrate!

- Our sweet boy had a birthday! Jason turned the big 3-1 this year and we had fun celebrating several times :o) It's funny how we almost have more fun on our birthdays watching the little ones get excited about birthdays (even though it's not their own!) Mollie, Maddox, and Paxton sure did like to "help" Jason unwrap his gifts and eat his cake! hehe
Happy birthday sweet boy!

- Mollie had a urinary track infection...after a few days of urinating frequently, having lots of accidents, and a little grumpiness, we decided we better have her checked out. One of the MANY benefits of being potty trained already is that she didn't have to be cathed, but was able to successfully pee in a cup to be tested :o) This makes a doctors visit MUCH more bearable for me! She's just finished her antibiotics so hopefully she'll be good to go now.

- Random things: Mollie finally has enough hair to french braid. She thinks she's a "bala-ballerina" and likes to twirl around and point her toes. She LOVES to go see the horses down the street and the "big bird" (emu). She is constantly asking for at least one of her grandparents at any given moment. She says funny things like "I'm 24!" when you ask how old she is. She's been doing a great job sitting in church with us to listen to worship. She's been counting to 10 in Spanish, and is almost to 20 in English. She's good at noticing when there are 2 of something and will announce, "Look! There are two ones!"
Feeding some donkeys down the street!

- I just finished up my Student Teaching! I spent half of the semester in 2nd grade, and the other half doing 1st and 2nd grade Intervention (which is where I work with small groups of students who need extra academic assistance, test reading and math skills, and work with some of the Dyslexic and Special Ed students!) I have LOVED working in this district, on this campus, and with the group of teachers I was blessed to work with every day for the past few months. For the rest of the semester, I'll be subbing again (many times on the same campus where I was at) and praying something permanent will come along! This is a very scary time in the education world to be finding a job, but I know God has a plan for me here somewhere.

I think that's about it...I think I touched all the important stuff. Hopefully now things will slow down a bit and I'll have more time for updates!

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