Friday, August 27, 2010

Kam Goes To School!

Today begins "Adventures in Substitute Teaching: Vol. 1" haha!

I was awakened to a phone call at 5am asking me if I wanted to coach middle school tennis and high school sociology! I just laughed. So random, yet so exciting. So I got my things together, got Mollie off to school, and went to teach/coach!

It really was a great day. I was nervous having never been in this particular school, not knowing anybody, where anything is, what I'd be doing specifically, etc., but it ended up being great. I had no discipline problems, but when a group of 7th grade tennis players got a little rowdy, I just had them run lines!! It was awesome!!! Then when they questioned me, I added a lap around the courts :o) So much fun. Too bad you can't really do that in a regular classroom!

So I survived my middle school athletes, and my high school sociology students. Luckily, they were working on a research project, and I've done my fair share of projects like that, so I was actually able to help them some. They were a lot of fun...keeping track of juniors and seniors is VERY different than herding around toddlers!

Anyway, I survived my first substitute experience. It was fun, and I'm ready for more! Specifically, the bunch of 3rd graders I get to work with next week. I'm just hoping I won't be quite so exhausted... :o)

Speaking of exhausted, Mollie made it through her first week of school! She did so well, but boy is that girl tired. I think it's going to take some time before she naps well at school. She went from taking lengthy 3 hour naps in her comfy, quiet bed, to sleeping on the floor (on her comfy nap mat!) but with several other kiddos nearby. It's just not quite the same. I'm hoping she'll get used to that soon...we actually had a 6:30pm bedtime this week! That girl was simply done.

On another note, potty training is still going well! We unfortunately have had a few accidents at school this week, but she tells them she needs to go 99% of the time and just got a little distracted the other times. She's also doing great staying dry over night! We take her before she goes to bed, then before we go to bed, then she stays dry till morning! What a champ!

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Jocelyn said...

yeah! i'm so glad it is going well :)