Monday, August 16, 2010

My Old Kentucky Home...

I had a bittersweet opportunity to visit the bluegrass state last weekend! Never thought I'd say I'd be in Kentucky, but there I was.

Over the past two years, we've had the pleasure of becoming close friends with the Gibson family. They moved to Lubbock so Paul could serve as college pastor at our church, just happened to buy a house on our block, and just happened to have a sweet little girl (Natalie) just 6 months older that Mollie. We've loved getting to build a friendship with them and raise our little girls together. However, being soooo far from their families was hard, and they felt God call them back home. So they packed up and headed to Louisville, Kentucky....and I joined them!

Driving to Kentucky from Lubbock is no easy's about an 18 hour drive. Imagine doing that driving a U-Haul with a car in-tow, and with a toddler. So I rode in the van with Tara to help keep Natalie entertained and to help drive. I can't imagine going all that way by myself! It was nice to have the company and to be able to switch out drivers often. So we left Sunday morning, made it to somewhere in Missouri to spend the night, then pulled into Louisville about 6:00pm on Monday. Then I got up early the next morning and flew home! What a whirlwind...needless to say I was pretty tired after the adventure, and am still not sure I've caught up on my sleep :o)

Although it was fun to go on a roadtrip with good friends, it was also super sad to say goodbye. Mollie and Natalie have grown to be close friends and absolutely have a BLAST together. It is sad that they are losing their BFF! And we've been blessed to have Paul and Tara as friends. Although we complain about having to say goodbye, it's good to know they are "home". And we now have another place we can go visit on vacation!! Jason's already looking into triathlons in Kentucky for next year :o)

So here are the girls having fun...we'll miss you Paul, Tara, and Natalie!

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