Friday, September 3, 2010

Third Grade Shenanigans

Here begins "Adventures of a Substitute Teacher: Vol. 2"!

I spent the past few days teaching a third grade class! All along I've wanted to teach early elementary students (pk-3), so I was very excited about this opportunity. I want all the experience I can get teaching, so I gladly accepted this assignment. Boy, did I ever get some experience.

Wednesday morning, I had the opportunity to arrive early and visit with the teacher I would be subbing for, observe in her class all morning, then take over when she left. As we were talking and she was showing me around, she kept mentioning what a wild bunch of kiddos she had. Great. Too late to back out now.

I tell you, that woman was right. This was a CRAZY bunch of third graders! And you know that if they were awful for their regular teacher, can you even imagine what I experienced as a sub!? Everyone knows students show off and pretend like they don't know the rules when they have a sub. This was so much worse. Whew. Even the kindergarten teacher that had this group a few years ago said they were a wild bunch back then, too. So needless to say, I'm exhausted this evening! But ya know, even though it was a rough bunch of kids, I still enjoyed the teaching part and haven't changed my mind :o) I am still looking forward to my next adventures (which include 1st grade, Kindergarten, a repeat of middle school tennis, and yes, even another day or two with this 3rd grade class- yikes!!!)

I learned a lot this week, and hopefully it'll make me a better teacher (and mom) because of it!

On another note, Mollie survived another week of school! Drop-off is getting MUCH easier, and she cries less and less each day. More smiles and less tears = a very happy momma! According to her teachers, she continues to be very talkative, energetic, and curious; loves "learning time" and her "ABC's"; and does a good job of telling her teachers when she needs to potty. We've had a few accidents from being distracted, but she's doing great!

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