Monday, December 20, 2010

Let the Celebrations Begin!

Here's a look back at our month-long Christmas celebration! That's right, all month long. I think Jesus' birthday deserves more celebration that one day, anyways :o)

First of all, we started off the celebration with a trip to the North Pole. We boarded the Polar Express (kids in their pajamas, of course), drank hot chocolate, sang Christmas songs...
Maddox and Lacye!
Momma Shelly, Mollie, and Me

Mollie loved sporting Maddox's Santa hat...
...but did NOT love Santa!
She immediately started crying and clung to me for dear life. So much for a successful picture with Santa this year!

We continued the celebration at Gigi and PaPa's house...
Santa came!
Fun with Gigi and PaPa
Crazy Cousins :o)

Showing Aunt Cici some love
Remote-controlled cars for the kiddos!
Yep, that's Mollie holding her naked baby while riding her tricycle.

Then we headed over to Nanny and Pop Pop's house for even more celebrating!

We opened presents, played with toys, had a wonderful meal together, then went out and played on the playground near their house!

It was a beautiful day for playing outside! Not like December at all...
Even little Paxton got in on the fun!

I've thoroughly enjoyed celebrating Christmas all month long. We have too many family members to squeeze it in all one day. This way, we get to spend quality time with each family, aren't rushed, and the kids get time to play and soak in all the memories and traditions.

So I hope you've enjoyed a peek into what Christmas is like in our family...but there's more to come! We're headed to Red River this week to celebrate with the Livingston's! I'll post pictures next time.

Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas, too!

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