Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Season Continued....

We truly have had an exciting month of December! Here's where we left off last time...

The week before Christmas, we headed up to Red River, NM with the Livingstons for our traditional "Christmas Ski Fest". Sadly, the snow was lacking this year (only one lift open and very few runs), but we had a blast nonetheless. This was Mollie's first experience with snow, so it took her a day or so to get used to it (or really to get used to the big jacket, hat, gloves, boots, etc). But once she did, she had so much fun! She made snow angels, ate snow, went sledding, liked to slide down slopes on her bottom, met a few snowmen, and liked to walk in it (once she figured out how to!).

For the most part she hung out with her Momma Shelly and they played and played and played in the snow while the rest of us skied. (Thanks, Mom, for letting me ski!!) Since I was skiing with the boys, I was actually thankful for the lack of runs open...that meant they had to hang with me! (Luckily the only runs that were open were blues and greens, which is where I like to stay. The boys typically hit up all the craziest black diamonds they can find!)

We stayed in a quaint little A-frame cabin accross the street from the lift (convenient!!), brought a Christmas tree, all our stockings, and made sure Santa knew where to find us :o) Mollie also got to decorate gingerbread ornaments to adorn the Christmas Tree! Here are some pictures from the trip...there were so many that I thought it may be easier to upload it in the form of a collage. Click on it and you should be able to see the pics enlarged.

Also, while we were in Red River, Mollie decided she liked to "shake her booty". I have no idea where this came from, but she would just stop what she was doing and start dancing. I got it on's not the best shot of it but funny anyway!

Just before we left for RR, we had the opportunity to celebrate as a family of 3! Santa came to our house, too, and we had fun watching our groggy, bed-head-ridden toddler wake up to find treasures in her stocking and under the tree! We then had a special Christmas Breakfast of cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate. It's fun to start traditions of our own, and I'm sure there will be more as the years go by. Here are some pics of our little celebration:
Merry Christmas, sleepyhead!
Santa brought Mollie an easel, and stocking full of goodies! Placing her new ornament on the tree"Ooooh yeah!" as she always saysCinnamon rolls and hot chocolate (in a special mug from the Polar Express!)

We had a wild and crazy December, full of Christmas cheer! It was a blessing to spend time with all our families, and I hope yours was as joyful.

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