Friday, October 16, 2009

Way behind... where to begin...September was full of fun adventures!

I guess I left off at Labor Day. That next weekend we headed to Fort Worth to visit our friends Jocelyn, Philip, and baby Levi! This was our first time to meet the little guy and we were so excited. We've thoroughly enjoyed being friends with the Boyers (even before they were "The Boyers"!) and it's so neat to see our families growing together! Hopefully it'll start a whole new generation of friends :o) But we have a great time visiting with them, battling the weekend long drenching rain, and watching our boys compete in a triathlon together! Good times were had by all...even the babies were good sports hanging outside in the rain all day. Thanks for letting us hang out with you, Jocelyn, Philip, and Levi!
Philip and Jason sporting their 1st and 2nd place medals! Way to go guys!
New friends! Levi and Mollie supporting their Red Raiders as we listened to it on the radio.

The next weekend we had the honor of hanging out with our favorite nephew, Maddox! His mommy and daddy had an opportunity to get away for the weekend and so he got to come hang out at our house. We had a great time and Mollie LOVED having someone new to watch. She's quite fascinated with her older cousin. We took a walk down the block to see the animals (horses, miniature ponies, donkeys, and emus) which was interesting with two babies and one adult...yay for the Baby Bjorn! I don't know what moms of two do without that thing.
Maddox showing the animals some love on a very sunny morning!

One reason the updates on the blog are so behind is that we've taken on a new project this month: Reading the Bible in 90 days! This is a church-wide endeavor and we thought we'd step up to the challenge. For not being a big reader these days, it sure has been a challenge. It takes a good chunk of time out of each day and I've had to sacrifice time that would usually be spent updating blogs or watching tv! However, this is definitely a good thing...what better way to spend your free time than with the Lord?! So, now that I'm pretty much caught up on my reading, I thought I'd take the time to update. It's amazing how much of the Bible I haven't read, and I'm excited to keep it up. We should finish in early December, so prayers to keep it up would be appreciated!

So I think thats all of September. I have some more updates coming soon so check back! I have Mollie's 8 month update, our girls week, Jason's hunting trip, and so much more to share!

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The Boyers said...

yeah! brings back memories from our visit and gets me excited to see you guys in about 2 weeks!!! Yipee :)