Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Once upon a December...(part 2)

Christmas weekend was a blast, as well. We spent Christmas Eve with Nanny and PopPop, and enjoyed a tasty meal (As always) and some super fun present opening. To top it off, it snowed! The kids just couldn't resist, and had to go run around in it. I love the pictures of them running around like crazy, completely not caring about how cold it was, just truly enjoying the fat flakes coming down!

SO much fun in the snow!

My favorite...Paxton was surprised it was snowing!

They could almost be siblings...
 The next morning, we got up to enjoy our little Fellers family Christmas celebration! I absolutely love seeing Mollie first thing on Christmas morning...still half asleep, yet so excited, adorned with fabulous bed-head. So cute! She loved seeing what Santa brought, seeing that he ate her cookies, and the reindeer ate her Reindeer Food. We've also been doing "Elf on the Shelf", and it was a neat ending to all the fun the Elf brings! While we don't want to miss the true meaning of Christmas, that Elf sure keeps her in line :o) After presents, we ate a yummy breakfast, and trekked through the snow to the Christmas morning service at church. Jason and the rest of the praise team did an awesome job playing more a more folk/bluegrass/rock set; such a great way to celebrate on a Christmas morning! 

Reindeer food, Santa's snack, and the notes they left for her!

New panties, a Christmas tradition :o)

Yes we went sledding in our front yard even though the snow had already melted...wet grass works just as well :o)

Decorating a gingerbread tree with Daddy!


Finished product...lovely :o)
Then we headed to Gigi and Papa's house for even more fun. Dress-up clothes were a big hit, and provided entertainment for the rest of the day! The little ones had a blast playing together all day, and we had a blast spending time with the fam. It was kind of sad to see all the fun come to an end, but we're so thankful for our family and the time we were able to spend with them all!

Princess and Batman off to save the world!

I love that we have a kids table now!

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Jocelyn said...

looks like a wonderful Christmas! I love all the pics :)