Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Once upon a December...(part 1)

Only semi-excited about seeing Santa at Daddy's bank!
December has been full of fun! First of all, we got out of school on the 16th and Mollie and I have thoroughly been enjoying our time off! While I have been SO BLESSED with my job this year, it was definitely time for some rest!

We started off our Christmas break celebrating with Momma Shelly, Poppa Kelly, and Uncle Kyler. They came to our house for the "Livingston Christmas" and Mollie was more than thrilled to have her favorite people staying at her house! We had lots of fun with them opening presents, watching football, eating too much, and then ended the weekend on the Polar Express...
Making memories with Momma Shelly
We love our Poppa Kelly!

We met up with Mollie's Gigi, her cousins Maddox and Paxton, and Aunt Lacye for our 3rd annual Polar Express Extravaganza! The kids were all decked out in their new Christmas pajamas and were so. stinking. excited. I have to say that this year was the best one yet...the hot chocolate mugs were cute, the elves and workers were very interactive and friendly, they played more music, danced with the kids down the isles, and just really did a great job. The kids really had a great time, and we all had a great time watching them enjoy themselves! Looking forward to next year!
So ready to see the North Pole!
Mommas and Kiddos! Minus Paxton...he wasn't quite up for all the excitement
The kids and their Gigi!
Us and  Momma Shelly!

Checking the tickets...
In awe...almost to the North Pole!
Having a heart-to-heart with the Elf
Mollie's first "happy" picture with Santa!

Meeting the Conductor! So exciting!

The whole gang aboard the Polar Express

To be continued...

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