Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Country Girl

This weekend we had the opportunity to head to Shamrock to hang out with the fam. It was nice to hang with family, relax, eat some yummy home cooking, enjoy the pretty weather, and just be in the country. Mollie sure did enjoy her time with Momma Shelly and Poppa Kelly! Especially when she got to do some new fun things that "country girls" get to do...

like play golf...(not really "country", but part of our weekend nonetheless)

drive a golf cart...

check out the cows...

yes that is a horse tank and yes she'll probably swim in it one day...as a true country girl should! haha...
and drive a four-wheeler!

So much fun! And I do believe her weekend also consisted of driving a tractor, but I don't have a picture of that one. It was so nice to be outside enjoying the sunshine! I know Mollie loved all the new fun things she got to do and can't wait to go back for more adventures with the Livingstons!

On another note, I'll leave ya with a few pics and stats from a recent photo shoot with Mollie...14 month old Mollie!
Some of the things she's doing is:
Walking up a storm! She's finally taken off and gained some confidence!

Being a stinker! She's testing boundaries, making us aware of her frustrations, and can be out right defiant at times. We're reminding ourselves to be consistent and this too shall pass...or get worse till she's not a toddler anymore :o)

Learning her manners! She can now sign please and thank you and uses them correctly most of the time! She's also saying/repeating lots of words, learned the phrase "I know" this weekend, and continues to be in constant conversation, although most of it is in her own language! (and she finally has enough hair for little piggy tails! wahoo!)

Loves to climb! She tries to climb up her high chair, climbs all underneath the dining room table, and today I turned my back for a sec and she was standing in a (kid-sized) chair at the gym! Yikes!

Still loves to play with jewelry...here she is in some "big girl" jewelry she got for her birthday! I think playing dress up will be a favorite thing in this house one day soon.

I don't know her height/weight at the moment...but that girl can eat like a grown man! I'm sure she's grown sooooo much since her 1yr appointment!
We sure are loving watching Mollie become a toddler! I'm sure it will continue to be quite an adventure!!!


Jocelyn said...

i'm not sure how, but she just keeps getting cuter! lucky girl that her g-parents are in the country! what fun!

Dustin & Kate said...

Those are adorable pictures! What a beautiful and photogenic little sweetie you have! :)

lkalivoda said...

Love the pictures! so cute!!! I'm glad you guys had a good time in Shamrock..i bet your parents had a blast as well!! love you guys