Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The big 6M!

Wow, does time fly. Our lovely lady is now 6 months old! I know I say this every time, but it really is hard to believe we have been parents for 6 months now. But oh what a great 6 months it's been!! 

We took Mollie in for her 6 month well check today and here's her stats: She's 25 in. long (25th percentile and an inch taller from last time!), and 12.2 lbs (which is like the 12th percentile and only a few ounces more than last time!). Her head is still growing well and in the 75th percentile...hehehe. 

The doctor was a bit concerned with her lack of weight gain this time around, so we're going to try a few things. Part of it might be from how much she spits up, and another part of it might be that she's not getting enough milk. So we're going to play around with increasing the milk supply, eating more (or more often), or supplementing with formula. He wants us to go back in a month for a weight check and see how she's progressing. However, even though she hasn't gained much weight, her development is still right on track and she's doing great things for a 6 month old!! 

Here are 6 things our sweet girl is up to this month: 

- Rolling both ways!! We worked with her the whole time we were in Shamrock a few weekends ago, then when we got home she decided she could do it all by herself. We're so proud of her, but it's the first step towards true mobility...yikes! She's even put her knees up under her (as if to crawl!) I have video of her rolling, but am having technological issues...I'll put it up when I figure it out! 
Tummy time...

- Fine tuning those fine motor skills...She's been doing lots of practicing picking things up, passing it from one hand to another, putting it in her mouth, and so on. Her favorite object to practice with is her pacifier, which she's figured out how to locate, pick up, and put in her mouth (or use as a chew toy as she sometimes prefers). 

Hands at work...

- Almost sitting up...She's getting to the point where she can sit with her arms down (like a tripod) for longer, and is needing less and less support while sitting up. She even tried sitting up from a lounging position to upright (can you say crunches!?) 

Sitting up in the bumbo enjoying some cereal...note the excitement in her eyes! 

- Teething...which means droooooooollllllll all over the place! She's seriously soaked all the time, and soaks those of us around her with her combo drool/puke. It's lovely. Unfortunately, it's started breaking her skin out in little bumps, and it's like fighting a losing battle trying to keep her wiped off and dry. We'll keep trying I suppose. No teeth yet, but you can see them emerging from under the gums a little more each day and boy does she like to bite down on things to relieve some pressure. Stick your finger in her mouth sometime a give it a try! hehe

Munching on toes...

- Eating cereal...and she loves it! We've only been doing this for a few days, and she's already doing better with figuring out how to keep it in her mouth. Oh the messy fun it's been, though! 

Once it hits your lips...

- Being social...Mollie loves other people! Especially babies. I love the look in her eyes when cousin Maddox comes up to say hello or when her friend Natalie is playing nearby. Her eyes get so big and she smiles and watches their every move. Nothing makes her happier than when someone will come and have a heart to heart conversation with her...she loves the attention and may even share some thoughts of her own via baby babble :o) 

I think that's about it. We are very thankful for this beautiful, healthy baby girl that we get to call our own. Oh how I want her to stay a baby forever!!! But I know God has bigger plans for her, so on to the next 6 months we go! 

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lkalivoda said...

I cannot believe she is already 6 months old...precious little lady!! i just love her so much!!!