Thursday, August 20, 2009

Goodbye, My Friends

Sadly, it's time to say goodbye to another set of friends, Jess and Billy Streu. We've grown close to them throughout college and our "young adult" lives through our Westminster community and are super sad to see them go. However, they are off to do amazing things. Billy and Jess have a heart for world missions and felt the Lord leading them to serve in Bosnia. So, they joined forces with a great organization, Operation Mobilization, and off they went! They left yesterday and arrived safely in Amsterdam where they will remain for a few weeks before heading to Bosnia for about 2 years. PLEASE keep them in your prayers...I can't imagine what it's like leaving everything you know behind and starting life in a new part of the world, especially in a country that is so desperately needing God (not that ours isn't, just in a very different way). We have a link to their website that I encourage you to check often in order to stay up to date on their prayer requests and to see how the Lord is moving in Bosnia! Even though we are so sad to see our friends go, we are so excited to see what "bigger and better" things God has in store for them. 

That brings me to my next point. It seems like God has brought so many people into our lives that call Lubbock home only for a season before they are called off to do "bigger and better" things. It seems as though this is just a stepping stone for so many people; it could have something to do with the university or the fact that we're just in that age range where people aren't quite "settled" in one place just yet. Whatever the reason, it's hard for those of us who are left behind. Or at least it feels like we're left behind sometimes. As I set here and run through all the friends who have come and gone on to "bigger and better" things, there are many that come to mind. So many in fact, it sometimes makes me wonder what we're missing. Did we miss a memo at some point that said "hey, life's happening over here!"? Is the fact that we're still here a negative thing? We've seen so many come and go that it just makes ya think a little bit. What will be our "bigger and better"? 

However, what if staying in Lubbock isn't a bad thing after all? What if God calls some of us to live life here, in little 'ol Lubbock, with mediocre jobs, in a quiet little neighborhood, driving modest little vehicles? Not doing anything drastic or changing the lives of thousands of people overseas? What if our "mission field" is our own daughter, and not lost souls around the world? What if we don't feel called to sell all our belongings and start over? I think that's just what God has in store for us. What if our "bigger and better" isn't quite as big as say moving across the world is, but instead is investing in the lives of those around us, on a much smaller scale, and doing God's work in our home, in our workplace, amongst our family? I think that would be OK. I've felt God move in our family and I know He has great things in store for us. Right now, it may just be getting to set on the back porch as a family and watch the sun go down while singing Itsy Bitsy Spider. But down the road, who knows? He may have other things in store for jobs? More kids? Relocating across the world? Who knows! But all I know is that God has called us to be right here right now and I couldn't ask for anything better. My life is truly blessed and I feel fulfilled. 

So, in the meantime, we will support our friends who are doing God's work across the world, pray for them, and maybe even visit them. We will make new friends and probably watch them go, too. We will be thankful for what the Lord has provided for us, right here in Lubbock, TX,  and will be excited to see what our "bigger and better" will be, no matter how small and average. 

Sorry for all the rambling :o) 


Laura said...

I know for a fact that God has used you and your family in good ol'Lubbock =) You were so great with those junior high girls when we taught together briefly, and I can tell God is using you to be a wonderful momma to your beautiful girl, just to name a few! It is hard to be the one left behind, I hope God continues to show you great purpose where you are at~
Laura Ferguson

Jessica said...

You have just described exactly how we feel!! And while we have left Lubbock, we didn't move far and have still been sad to see everyone leave. Know that you are not alone and that there are so many people who need your ministry in Lubbock. It's encouraging to know that we're not the only ones who feel called to stay when so many others are going...Thanks for sharing.

Sabra said...

Hey Kameron,

I love that you share the truth of how you are feeling! I don't believe there is a better call here or there, but that it's an individual (or familial) call and we are to be obedient to that. So, if you guys are called to stay in LBK, I'm happy you are listening and obedient. Communities are not communities if the people in them do not invest in them. You guys do well to invest and bless so many! You guys are very important to WPC and I'm sure elsewhere in your lives. I'm excited to see what He does through you here!

Love you!


Melody Forest McKee said...

I'm so excited to find out you have a blog! :)