Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy 5 months!

Our little lady celebrates 5 months on Friday! We're so proud of her and absolutely blessed to have her in our lives. Life as we knew it changed forever on February 10th, and how wonderful it's been since then! We love you Mollie Michelle!

Here's what little-bit has been up to lately...

- Rolling over from tummy to back...haven't been able to catch in on camera yet, though. It's so cute, we clap and cheer for her and she smiles so big! 
Almost there...

- Babbling, cooing, laughing! She talks and coos and sometimes will even have long conversations with you in her own little language. Even laughs at herself...she must have said something funny. 

- Blowing's precious but she flings drool (and sometimes spit up) everywhere! 

- The Itsy-Bitsy-Spider is her favorite song. It always brings big smiles.
BIG smiles!!!

- Superbaby is her favorite game...just don't leave her up there too long or you'll get a mouth full of something unpleasant. 
"Da ta daaaa ta da da da daaaa" (thats Daddy singing her Superbaby song)

- Snuggling in the mornings. Priceless. 

- Evidently, she likes swimming as well. Thanks to Lacye and Maddox for letting us join you for some pool time today! Good times!

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The Boyers said...

Oh My Gosh! I love the big smiles picture! She is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing...I can't believe she is 5 months old! I need to see her again soon!!