Thursday, February 5, 2009

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

So, it has become evident to me that we are truly blessed. 
We are surrounded by some very generous folks that have completely provided for our little Mollie! After our showers, we've been blown away at 1) how much stuff such a little person needs and 2) how much of that was taken care of for us. I've posted a few pictures of Mollie's new things from the showers, which includes everything practical, sweet, cute, comfy, homemade, decorative, large and small...

I've heard these swings are a lifesaver! 
The lovely ladies of Westminster...thanks for being hostesses! 
The pack and play that she'll be sleeping in for a while...
The matching car seat is already in the car ready to go! 

Gifts from one shower...

Gifts from another shower...
Sorry, I don't have a picture of the hostesses from this one yet! But hopefully I'll get one soon. Want to make sure you all are recognized for being so thoughtful as well :o) 

Also, I don't have any pictures at all from the shower at City Bank...but THANK YOU to everyone that took time out of their work day to celebrate with us! 

On another note, we had another doctor appointment today. Looks like Mollie will be joining us next week! Whew hoooo! They are going to induce on February 10th, assuming she doesn't decide to make an entrance before then. She seems to be ready and they want to make sure everything is fine due to the diabetes issue, so that's why they suggested induction. I'm already dilated to about 2 or 3 cm, so the doctor said that puts us in a great spot. 

I'm very excited to know that there's an end in sight but to have one more weekend with my husband as "just the two of us". We are super excited about being a family of 3, but will miss what we've had so far. But as Momma Shelly so sweetly put it the day she found out we're expecting, "It's been 5 years! It's about time!" And we agree. 

So Praise God from whom all blessings flow...for a wonderful 5 years of marriage, a healthy baby girl, and being surrounded by a community of believers that care for us and will be around to help raise Mollie as a child of God. 

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Anonymous said...

I'm sooo excited for you and Jsaon. You are going to be great parents. Feb 10th is a great day. Its my mom and dad's anniversary. I love you Kamo and can't wait to meet Miss Mollie.