Saturday, February 28, 2009

First Time for Everything

This has been a great first few weeks of Mollie's life! We've had a great time watching her experience her "firsts" and have enjoyed all the new adventures that come along with being parents. Here are some pictures of Mollie's eventful first few weeks! 

 Mollie had the honor of meeting her favorite cousin Maddox for the first time! He was very sweet to her and have her a hug. I can't wait for them to grow up together...I think Maddox will be a great "big brother" to her and teach her a thing or two :o) 

 Mollie also experienced her first holiday which just happened to be Valentines Day. Aunt Layce gave her the cutest little Sweetheart outfit. Mollie enjoyed sporting it, although she looks a little exhausted. It's tough celebrating a holiday only being 4 days old!

She very gracefully made it through her first week of life; and so did we! It was such a blessing having Momma Shelly and Papa Kelly stay with us; they were SUCH a huge help as we adjusted to having a little one to care for. I don't know what we would have done without them! And it was great having Jason home for a week. We enjoyed having that time together to figure out what it means to be a family of 3! 
Here's a picture of Mollie celebrating her first week. I've decided to start a tradition...I saw somewhere where this mom took a picture each year of her children's life wearing their dad's shirt. Once they're all grown up, it was neat to look back and see how they've grown into the shirt. So, I thought that would be fun to start. Just don't let me forget to continue it! It looks more like a blanket on her at this point.

 We also had the pleasure of enjoying some pretty weather this week, which prompted Mollie's first stroller ride!! She sported her stylish sunglasses (which actually were quite functional keeping the sun out of her eyes). And she loved the beautiful weather. Well, actually she slept the whole time so I'm not even sure she knew what was happening, but I'd like to think she had a great time. 

One thing we didn't catch on camera was her first check up with the pediatrician! She was great and behaved wonderfully. She's already up to 7lbs and 4 oz, which means she's a good little eater! Everything looked great health-wise, which is always a relief. She did have to have her heel pricked again, which seemed quite traumatic judging by the screams of the baby that went right before her. However, our Mollie is a champ! She only whimpered just a bit as if she was saying, "Mommy, that is a bit uncomfortable. Please tell them to hurry!" She was such a big girl, and we were very thankful for that. I'm not sure her daddy and I could have handled her screaming in pain! 

This brings us to today. She's almost 3 weeks old and we've already enjoyed a lazy Saturday morning hanging out with our sweet little girl. We were all still in our pj's (yes, it was noon!!) and Mollie decided to have a little nap on her daddy. She obviously takes after him judging by how much she loves her head rubbed! We caught her reaction on video and thought it was hilarious. Sorry it's kind of long, but watch the whole thing anyways. It's funny.

We can't wait to experience more firsts with our little girl! 

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