Sunday, September 18, 2011

All about Mollie :o)

Mollie Moo has grown, grown, grown! I'm amazed at the growth I've witnessed from the beginning of the summer until now. I have to document before I forget. 
The hair has grown a bit, too :o) 

First of all, she has grown taller! The clothes she started wearing at the beginning of the summer fit her VERY differently now! Everything still fits, but is much shorter. Her dresses will now have to be worn with tights, and her shorts are just about too short to wear (with her Daddy's blessing anyway!)  Also, she's just about outgrown all her summer shoes. It's a good thing they were all flip flops, so she has a little wiggle room until the weather stays cool. 

Secondly, Mollie has grown BRAVER! At the start of the summer, she clung to me in the swimming pool, screamed when we tried to go underwater, freaked out on the trampoline at tumbling, and just about had a melt down in "the pit" (a big pit filled with foam blocks at to jump in and climb through!) However, just last week, she swam and swam and swam with no one holding on to her (wearing her floaty of course!), JUMPED IN THE PIT all by herself, jumped like crazy on the trampoline and even tried seat jumps, and now wants to jump off of anything she can climb onto! Check out Mollie practicing her jumping skills...

She's also had developmental growth. Motor skill wise, she has finally figured out how to run a bit more gracefully and likes to go on runs with Mom and Dad. We practice running to the mailbox and have races! Also, she loves the fact that she can now jump with both feet at the same time! As I mentioned above, she now jumps off anything she can and over every crack on the sidewalk, every branch, on every ant, takes a while to get anywhere with her :o)

Big kid swinging! 

Her vocabulary is growing exponentially, reasoning skills are developing, and she's so observant of other people's feelings, facial expressions, and body language. Some of the funny little things she's said lately include:
"It makes me so happy to have this!"-
"It's going to be magical!"- upon arriving at the playground
"Whats wrong Mommy, did Daddy hit you?"- not really funny, but odd that that's the first thing that she assumed when she noticed I was sad!? We laughed really hard, though.
When I pick her up from school, our conversation usually goes something like this:

- Me:" Tell me all about school today!"
- Mollie: "I play with Aubrey. She's a sweet girl. Andrew hit me. He go to time out. I eat gummy snacks cause I sleep good!! Ms. Rachel makes me happy. Look Mommy, there's an American Flag! Can I listen to a story please? Where are my glasses? Mommy, can you hand me my glasses?" ...finally takes a breath...
Haha! As much and as well as she talks, I really don't worry at all about her at school. I know that she'll certainly tell us if something isn't right!

Also, her imagination is always hard at work. Evidently, we currently have a lion living in our mailbox who is coming to get us! We have to eat our dinner, or take a bath, or get to bed, (or whatever we're doing at the moment) before the lion gets us! Sometimes we even hide from him. Haha!

Our Mollie Moo is sooo much fun right now, and we absolutely look forward to the weekends when we can spend all day together. She's a blast and we love her so much! 

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Jocelyn said...

so cute! can't wait to witness little miss mollie in person soon! love all the pics, she is so pretty and getting so big!