Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Here are a few reasons we're saying YEE HAW today:

First, we welcomed Jason back home from his week-long hunting trip! Jason, his step-dad Paul, and bro-in-law Brad have been traveling to Montana for the last few years to hunt. They drove 24+ hours in the camper to spend the week under the beautiful Montana sky. Although their trip wasn't fruitful as far as birds/deer were concerned, I think they all returned home refreshed after having some time away. I'm glad they had a good time, but we're SO GLAD to have our Jason/Daddy back!!! YEE HAW!!! (I'd post some pics of their trip but nobody has shown me any yet!?!)

Second, Mollie is saying YEE HAW because she was a cowgirl for Halloween!! We were originally going for Jessie from Toy Story, but this is what we came up with. I think she turned out even cuter than Jessie :o) It was fun putting together her outfit using a few things she already had plus a cowboy hat from a consignment store. Also, we just needed an excuse to get her some boots...what girl doesn't need a pair of boots!? (Thank you, Target, for having affordable ones!) She got to wear her costume to school for their little festivities, to her friend Laney's birthday party on Friday night, and again on Sunday for the Trunk-or-Treat at church. We had a blast, and that girl sure does love to dress up. We had NO problems getting her to keep her hat, boots, and bandana on! Now if we could only have been able to get her to ride a stick horse around...hehe!

Scoping out the festivities...

That's one tough cowgirl with that sucker and "princess" flashlight!

Riding a horsey...aka Daddy's knee

Whew! After a few rounds of trunk-or-treating, a bowl of chili, and lots of "Ring-around-the-rosies", we were beat!

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Jocelyn said...

that's one cute cowgirl! love it!