Monday, October 11, 2010

20 Months!

Yesterday we celebrated Mollie's 20th Month by enjoying a morning at church and having a lazy, fun afternoon at the house. We sure are enjoying this kid! It's crazy to watch her become less and less of a baby and more of a toddler. Kinda makes me sad, but at the same time excited to see her grow. Here's what this kid is up to this month:
Our 20 month old lovin' on her daddy! (notice the chocolate drool coming out of her mouth and her wild hair...haha!)

- Up to 25 lbs! Even though she's gaining weight, she's also growing taller and thinner. There are some clothes that she grew out of that she can now wear again because of how the shape of her body is changing.

- Improving her fine motor skills...she can drink out of a glass without a lid (we don't do this very often!!), is getting more efficient using her eating utensils, likes to pretend like she's putting a screwdriver in a hole and turns it, can stack her blocks higher and higher, etc...

- She can recognize most or all of her ABC's, colors, and numbers 1-10. Just yesterday she counted to 10 with us! With a little prompting, she's got it.

- TALKING! She's definitely going through the "language explosion" most toddlers go through about this age. She picks up words at an alarming rate, and is now speaking in 2-3 word sentences. Some of the things she's been saying include, "Mommy's here!", "Daddy's home!", "Done with plate.", "I love you", "Apples and pumpkins!" (referring to our little field trip today...I'll post about that later), "Go to school", and my favorite, "I'm poopin'." Hahaha!

- Singing...she LOVES to sing songs. Her favorite at the moment is the little prayer song they sing at school before snack and lunch. It's to the tune of "Are You Sleeping?" and the words are "God our Father, God our Father, once again, once again, we will ask your blessing, in the name of Jesus, Amen. Amen." She folds her little hands and sings it over and over. So sweet!

- Still doing a great job with the potty training! Has the occasional accident, but does great the majority of the time.

- Climbing! She's learning how to climb, and now climbs on everything! This has been a good thing because she can now climb up on the couch and some chairs with out help. But she's also been climbing on things she shouldn't be and I imagine we're going to have our first busted lip or something like that pretty soon :o)

- In true toddler fashion, she's testing her boundaries! She's started throwing mini-fits by whining and sitting herself down on the floor. She sometimes tries to pull away when she KNOWS she's supposed to be holding your hand (at the store), screaming MINE when she wants something, and basically just screaming :o) Mollie's cries usually turn into a scream (they've always been like that), but now they can really get quite loud. I know all parents have to go through this little phase, but I'm praying it goes as quickly as it came. So far, this has been the least fun part of parenting. However, we've had to remind ourselves to remain consistent and it'll work itself out!

-However, the BEST part is that she's showing more affection towards us, is being very friendly, and her sweet personality is becoming more evident. We sure do LOVE this little stinker! Here's a little video of Mollie doing push-ups with her Daddy...she also enjoys doing leg lifts, stretching, and playing football :o)

Also...We all had the day off today, so we ventured out to the Apple Orchard in Idalou! I'll blog about it much fun !

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