Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I am a little behind getting this posted. But, oh what a wonderful weekend it was! We headed to Fort Worth for the Cowtown Marathon and to hang out with some of our favorite friends: Jocelyn, Philip, Levi, and Sarah!!


First of all, Jason's passion for running and his 4+ months of marathon training finally paid off! He finished all 26.2 miles in 3 hours 27 min. That's just about where he set his goal for this race, and blew his last marathon time out of the park! Not only that, he finished 9th in his age division, and 75th overall....out of about 1200 marathon runners! Wahooo! Way to go Jason!

Philip ran the half-marathon and did awesome as well! I'm also completely impressed by his "fearlessness". He hadn't been able to train as he would have liked and finished strong anyway. Here I am afraid to run a silly little 5K without being in ideal running shape, and he ran 13!! Wow.

After the boys finished their run, we enjoyed lunch at the Flying Saucer, where they could enjoy a well-deserved beer, then headed to the Zoo! It was an absolutely beautiful day and it was so nice to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. The guys were able to walk around a lot to prevent getting stiff muscles, we were able to let the babies check out lots of animals and enjoy the fresh air, and we were able to enjoy each others company. It really was such a great day!

This was also Mollie's first plane ride! We decided to fly so that Jason didn't have to sit in a car for several hours after running that much...he found that out the hard way last time. She did great! We just gave her paci when it was time to take off (it was technically nap time anyway, so I didn't really break a rule) and she did just fine. She entertained herself by reading the Skymall magazine, her new quiet book, and playing with the ice in my beverage. On the way home, she even managed to make a couple of friends with the ladies sitting near us! I was so glad, because she had a bit of a rough time this weekend...possibly more upset than I've seen her yet! I think it was a combination of teething (molars), missing a nap or two, growth spurt, and just being out of her element. Whatever it was, it wasn't fun for any of us! Hopefully we didn't scare Sarah and Jason away from having children one of these days :o) I promise Sarah, it's not like that all the time!!!! On Monday afternoon, Mollie slept for 3 1/2 hours and woke up like a new woman. Back to normal.

I'm very thankful for our super fun weekend! I absolutely loved hanging out with everyone and hope we can do it again very soon!

And thanks for the extra pictures, Jocelyn :o)

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The Boyers said...

we had so much fun too! i'm so impressed with our super fit boys :) can't wait to get together again!