Thursday, February 11, 2010


That's right, we have a ONE YEAR OLD in the house (as of yesterday)! I can't believe it's already been a year. Every other mom I've talked to told me to just enjoy Mollie being a baby because it'll go by so fast- and they are so right! I've been so excited for her to do new things and move on through those developmental phases, but I think I've had enough "growing" for one year. It's hard on a momma! I already miss my "baby", but sure do love what she's becoming.

Here are some things we love about one-year-old Mollie:

-she loves to snuggle as she first wakes up...she loves to snuggle as she's getting ready to sleep

-she has a huge smile that shows all her teeth...and the cutest pouty lips when she's sad.

-how she loves, kisses, and hugs her baby dolls (and us)...but she won't let us hold her like a baby anymore (usually).

-when she struts around the living room with her little stroller like it's no big deal that she's walking...when she hangs on to your fingers for dear life when she can't understand why on earth we'd let go of her while she's walking.

-how she talks in conversations to herself as she's she won't say a thing when you try to get her to.

-how she uses a big girl sippy cup like a she still likes you to hold her cup for you and feed it to her like a bottle sometimes.

-how she says "uuummmmmmm" when she wants a bite or sees something potentially she says "nanananana" when you wipe her face (aka No No!).

-when she inhales while laughing and makes a sweet little sound...or when she screams a high-pitched, ear piercing scream when she's upset.

-how she obediently helps "clean up" after bath and put her paci away after naps (yep, paci's are for bedtime only now!!!)...and when she looks you straight in the eye and refuses to do what you've just asked.

-how she gets so giddy and excited when her daddy comes home from work...or when sometimes the only person she wants is her mommy.
-how she looks exactly like her daddy...but acts exactly like her mommy.
-how she's gaining more and more independence every she still needs us so desperately.

Mollie, we love you dearly and are so glad God brought you to us! You've made our lives so full of joy and we can't wait to see what each new year brings! Happy birthday little one!

Look at how much she's grown...


The Boyers said...

oh how i love that little one year old!!! she is just heaven sent :) great post...can't wait to see you three!

lkalivoda said...

so sweet little miss mollie! i still cannot believe she is already a year old...what a joy that little girl is! love you guys

Dustin & Kate said...

Awww...Happy first birthday, Mollie! I love the way you wrote this post - going back and forth between the "two sides" of Mollie. She as at such a sweet and tender age - not quite the baby she once was...but not quite a toddler yet either. :)