Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Jason!

I know what you're thinking: Happy birthday Jason?? Wait, that can't be right. His birthday isn't until March! Yes, I know that. However, we decided to celebrate his big 3-0 birthday in style! That meant doing it in January.

Jason's always told me that he wishes his birthday was in the fall. I assume that has something to do with football season. I guess he's always wanted a football themed birthday party?? Who knows. But that's what he got this year!! Anyone who knows Jason well knows that he loves those Dallas Cowboys. He's been a fan through the good times and the bad, yet has never been to a game. So we thought, why not send him to a game for his 30th birthday?

I thought this was a great opportunity for a big surprise. I love surprises, and I love it when other people are surprised. So we (all the parents were in on it) kept it a secret for a few months, got the whole weekend planned out (including some last minute snafus due to the NFL changing game times on me!!!) , and Jason found out just in time to get excited and prepare himself for the big game!

We left on the 2nd and drove to Fort Worth to meet up with our friends Jocelyn, Philip, and Levi. They were gracious enough to let us stay at "Chateau de Boyer" and join us for dinner! Thanks guys, you rock :o)

Loving on Levi

Dinner was half of Jason's surprise. Any of you ever heard of Texas de Brazil? I'm sad I didn't take any pictures while we were there, but it was amazing. The most awesome "salad" bar I've ever seen (I could have easily enjoyed several meals from the selections they had), and the most delicious meat (pork, chicken, lamb, beef) I've ever had. They bring it to you on huge skewers and slice off as much as you want, as many times as you want. Needless to say we were miserable in the end, but enjoyed every bit of it. It's definitely Jason's kind of place.

We then waddled home with our full bellies and watched TTU win the Alamo Bowl! It was a great night.

Pre-meal photo shoot!

The next day we made our way over to the new Cowboys Stadium (wow, by the way) and tried to soak it all in.

We were that close!!

Impressive. We made our way down to our awesome seats (row 13, lowest section right behind the visitor sideline) and enjoyed every minute of it. The Cowboys even pulled off a win over the Philadelphia Eagles! It was a great night to be there and I'm glad we had the opportunity.

Great view!!!

The screen was so big sometimes I forgot to watch the game live!

I'm pretty sure this trip was "30th birthday worthy". When Jason got tears in his eyes while we were waiting on the game to start, I knew he was a happy boy :o)

Having a great time at the game!

On another note, this was also our first weekend away from Mollie! She stayed home with her Momma Shelly and Poppa Kelly, and enjoyed an evening with Briana. It felt great knowing she was in good hands because it was hard enough to leave her behind! I think it was good for all of us; we all had a great time. But we sure did miss her!

Happy early birthday sweet boy! I love you and your new Cowboys hat!


The Boyers said...

yeah!!! I'm so glad we got to share a little in the celebration! we LOVE jason! the pics from the game are amazing, such great seats! glad it all turned out so well!

Hollie said...

What a good wife you are!!! I'm sure it's a birthday surprise that he will never forget. You two look so very happy. Happy early Birthday, Jason~